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This had really good sound and atmosphere! Made everything creepier and made me jump more at the scares! 

Someone's in my house and they'd better be here with pizza

This game was really fun to play!  It had some really good jumpscares and an awesome atmosphere to! :D 

this was sooo god damn jumpy!! :D but i really want to know what happens next!! i hope we survived, this was an awesome game! great job on creating this!!

I Enjoyed play game! That's Great!
재밌게 즐겼어요!


Hey guys! Today we had the pleasure of playing Half! The story goes that long ago a man (or woman) found himself (or herself) dripping wet in an apartment that and after experiencing some paranormal events attempts to escape the apartment with their life. All in all, it was a pretty well-rounded spooky experience with only a few flaws. I have to admit though it was much better than some of the games I have been spending money on in steam.

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This game is great! Good time killer and made me jump a few times. For sure had me at the edge of my seat!

Make sure to donate! 

hahah Thanks for playing nice vid hope you will enjoy Plague too :)


I really enjoyed this short little horror game! Looking forward to your next game for sure!

thanks for playin man, first one with facecam :)

You should get more clicks your very funny.

Please wait for Plague alpha soon... :) Lg

Thanks my man! I appreicate it!! With time for sure lol I look forward to your new game!!!

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Great game. Those who can afford to donate, do it. Help them to create their new horror game

Thanks very much for playing i Hope you will enjoy Plague too :) Lg


Had a really fun time playing this despite the really really really cheap scare - you know what I'm talking about haha. I enjoy pure horror games where I'm placed in "what if" situations, like horror movie plots. And in this case the title I named my video speaks for itself. I look forward to Plague if its anywhere near reminiscent of Half.


Hay Black Wave 

Thanks very much for playing, I watched the whole video :) Its a long time ago I programmed this game and yes my native language is not English☝🏼😂 And Yeir the jumpscares are a little cheap. But if you don't like to be chased Plague - Horrorgame will be perfect for you.

It is 10x times better than half. Lg vinz

Watch Sev playing this game! 

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