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Half - Horrorgame (2018)

Many of you have asked again and again! 

And now it is finally available!

We are currently collecting donations for our new game Plague - Horror Game.


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Half - Horrorgame.zip 605 MB
Half Demon 3d Model 17 MB


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Beautiful, understated atmosphere, genuinely scary (love the pink soap)

The jumpscares really got me haha


Great game but one thing...where is full?

It was fun, I'm convinced to put a tv in my bathroom.

It is a very pretty game, but it'd be way more effective at scaring and confusing the player if the DOF only kicked in when the monster appeared. Very enjoyable nonetheless, I liked it. 

Thanks so much v1nz for making this game, I enjoyed this a ton, almost made me loose a lung!


it says available on Mac but I can't open it says windows apps cannot be supported :(

This game is very good! The jumpscare on the hallway got me.

This game is very well made and looks beautiful, the scares are good and I really enjoyed playing this!

First off it has to be said the depth of the feild of view is nicely done which means you have to approach things more closely to see them including the almalgamation of the monster that is half human half ....demon? 

The jumpscares are nicely executed and do catch you out and the sound tracks to build tension are put to really good use.

 There is a negative point which is the bedroom bed is too large and you can not walk around it to fetch the key you should not need to jump, the room needs to be bigger or the bed needs to be smaller, also in the bathroom it is very odd to find a T.v, this seems very out of place.

Apart from that a pretty good game that was enjoyable to play.


Im probably just a big ass noob, but how do I get the download to work? This says that the download is available for Mac and Windows but how do I download the mac version since there's only one download


ummm im pretty sure all you have to do is monkey sex

Interesting game, still leaves a lot to be desired. I'll link my gameplay below if you're interedted in watching.

Hola, buenos días, este juego tiene mucho que mejorar, pero me divertí mucho jugando, las sombras son pobres. Necesito que me ayudes con el canal mediante la suscripción al canal de YouTube "Placebogamer"

It was not quite what I expected this game, but in a positive manner.
It really got me good, and then I had trust issues throughout the rest of the game. 

Good Job :D

Good Game.




Game doesn't even start


You rush the game there . A lot of work need to done with effect and the book are all the same there no light on the celling , the key apear by magic in the bed room and the end ... omg i lmao dude . The game is a clché itself it could scare a 9 year old but not more then that . And wtf 2 bathroom in such a small place come on . Put more effort in youre game man you seem not really care of the result because this game is memable . Just dont rush it . A good game take a long time and passion to do . You should take exemple of Unreal pt or Contemp . Thos are really well made game and they put time and effort on it . Im sorry to tell you that but , the next game ... just put more effort on it and be original we are not such in hurry bud . Oh and btw am i a midjet in this game because the mirror is really high lol .

Played your game in an indie romp. Hope you enjoy it


Ok, this was very bad, I'm sorry...

There was terrible screen tearing, and there are no options - Esc quits instantly

Furniture is out of place completely (TV in bathroom for example)

The game is full of German text mixed in with English - if you make a game for an international platform to share, use English only

very bad sounds chosen: bad step sounds (that doesn't change on surface), keyboard typing sound on mobile typing, booming sound for sending/receiving message etc

Huge blur after about 10m of eyesight - this guy certainly is missing his glasses!

Amateur glithces like books falling through the glass of the bookshelf while staying in there too (not removed from the shelf, etc

cheap jumpscares used

Misses all point or logic whatsoever: your friend turns out to be a pulp in your room already, the whole game is missing a proper point or any real line of "what to do and why". You keep looking for your house key but you never find it, only keys for other rooms (why are they locked??)

I'm sorry but this is a disaster.

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tja allen gefällt es und dir nicht jedenfalls hab ich besseres zu tun als nur kritiken zu schreiben. tu was sinnvolles

Natürlich wird er das Spiel kritisieren, aber sein Kommentar ist Mist. Bestätige ich.

To be honest , you must have a bad graphic card bud as i remember the game speak in english sooooooo

Es corto pero con un sustos increibles, muy bueno.

Here is two games in one video. First one is this Half. This game was short, but enjoyable. It had few very good jumpscares as you can see in video. And I reeeaally didn't expect what happened in this game. I liked it a lot!

This game made me believe I was fine, then suddenly I wasn't. Well played dev, well played. p.s. I enjoyed this.

I think the blur effect was a little bit exagerated,  maybe the main character is nearsighted, who knows. The atmosphere is the best part, i guess. The jumpscares are a little bit cheap tho. In general is a cool little horror game.

well the character dont have his glasses on dude 

Awesome little horror game, the books are what got me the most, great work!!!!!

This was pretty cool, I may have shat myself a couple times.

Some of the English was... questionable in the game. Still, got a good scream from me. 

Good jumpscares! The anticipation was unending, excited to see more!

The atmosphere is was really good. The graphics look great. We enjoyed the game very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Good quality graphics and nice gameplay

Thanks very much

This game really had me anticipating what was around the corner. It was great, I'd definitely recommend it. The quality was spot on.

I had fun with this game! Great atmosphere and unsettling vibe! 

Who is the evil half?

This inde horror game is a pleasant surprise with a few things working for it. Like the blur effect that alters your vision on whether or not there’s a evil presence looming down the hall, you can vaguely see something in the house, but you’re not entirely sure. I believe that there’s a good story somewhere in this horror title, it just needs to be ironed out a little bit more. But other than that, “Half” generally freaked me out, and it’ll be cool to have more episodes/levels to play.

I enjoyed the game, it definitely had its scary moments. It got me pretty bad at one part (no spoilers). I definitely will be playing Plague after the quality of this game!


The atmosphere of the game is good, but there is not enough guidance. After the text is sent, I don't know what to do. 



wow amazing game!!!

thanks very much be ready for plague

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