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Half - Horrorgame (2018)

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Many of you have asked again and again! 

And now it is finally available!

We are currently collecting donations for our new game Plague - Horror Game.


Release Today!


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Half - Horrorgame.zip 605 MB
Half Demon 3d Model 17 MB


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Some of the English was... questionable in the game. Still, got a good scream from me. 

Good jumpscares! The anticipation was unending, excited to see more!

The atmosphere is was really good. The graphics look great. We enjoyed the game very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Good quality graphics and nice gameplay

Thanks very much

This game really had me anticipating what was around the corner. It was great, I'd definitely recommend it. The quality was spot on.

I had fun with this game! Great atmosphere and unsettling vibe! 

Who is the evil half?

This inde horror game is a pleasant surprise with a few things working for it. Like the blur effect that alters your vision on whether or not there’s a evil presence looming down the hall, you can vaguely see something in the house, but you’re not entirely sure. I believe that there’s a good story somewhere in this horror title, it just needs to be ironed out a little bit more. But other than that, “Half” generally freaked me out, and it’ll be cool to have more episodes/levels to play.

I enjoyed the game, it definitely had its scary moments. It got me pretty bad at one part (no spoilers). I definitely will be playing Plague after the quality of this game!


The atmosphere of the game is good, but there is not enough guidance. After the text is sent, I don't know what to do. 



wow amazing game!!!

thanks very much be ready for plague

On behalf of the Pandas, we loved it. 

Sehr interessantes Game, etwas kurz, aber die Atmosphäre war echt gut und die Jumpscares haben mich wirklich erwischt. Es lief leider an einigen Stellen nicht ganz flüssig, bin aber sehr gespannt, wie das nächste Game aussehen wird. :)

das kommt bald :) endlich auch mal jmd der Deutsch spricht XD

habs komplett gesehen :)

Danke für den Support, freut mich! ^^

Hi guys!

I have to say thanks for the game, looks nice and i hope u continue improving it, more history etc.

At this moment i cant make donations.... so poor, but here is my small contribution, giving bit promo in my videos:

Hay watched your video.

You could make a donation but not for that game you could make one for Plague- 

Drake joins me on this excellent horror adventure.

Cool game.

Small but still good Game. Has some Potential after some polishing ;)

This short little game gave me a good scare with the loudest books in existence. 

Here’s a video for those interested!


Would definitely recommend this game. A short but also very scary game.

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Definitely a fun game to play. Spooky from start to finish. Well done! 

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Cool little game. Really never knew where it would pop up next so always atmospheric the whole play. Was a bit of screen tearing but overall it was a fun playthrough. Hoping Plague will be good. Good job on this... :)

it will be good :)

does not work cant play I ran it and extracted all 

do you have windows? The files inside the zip are needing each other :) it should work on 64Bit do you have 32?

Hey! i played your game for my channel

It was reaal spooky! Especially that 1 jump scare! you know the one! haha anyways awesome job

The Download doesn't work for mac

Books got me easily, the biggest issue is the monster just standing there towards the end, but the reveal of what happened to your friend was "scary/funny". Thanks!

S c A r Y    G a M e

thanks :)

Oh god the books were annoying. I swear in all that is holy...I replayed it a few times because of the bug with Sam's phone, and every time the books got me.

Just played & uploaded.  Nice game will it be a full project or was this just for fun I wonder?

It was made for a YouTuber a year ago .

Plague my next game will be a real project

This game was so well made. One or two silly bugs like the rain coming through the window and your character randomly moving on its own at one point, but the rest was lovely. I thought the jump scares were done really well too.

I really liked the look of the game. The blurred areas were a bit jarring, but otherwise the game was solid! I'll be looking forward to the next one. 

Monster looked good! Environment and everything was easy on the eyes, and I honestly jumped out of my chair when the books went flying!

very cool game liked it a lot! i seen some issues though like not being able to keep a solid frame rate and having screen tearing you should put a game options so people can change the graphics settings to there liking. really like the game despite the problems cant wait for more!!

Careful who you find on the internet, not all room mates are who they say they are.

First off sorry for my laggy video it's my laptop, not the best but your game was awesome it's a relatively simple story that packs a decent amount of scare.

A sweet little horror dimension compressed in a zip file.


Great game! :)

Great game! Had some good jump scares :O 

Very solid game. While there isn't much new you really nailed the basics, which most (on this site) don't seem to do. Nice job

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